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Honeywell Power Products provides the following UL-listed power equipment for Access Control, Centeral Station Communication, and Fire Alarm Power Supplies.

Our power distribution modules provide a convenient way to protect your control and load circuits from over-current conditions. These make an excellent power distribution solution from a centralized power source, with some provided added features such as fire alarm interface and access control functionality.
Honeywell Power offers a complete line of Fire Alarm and Security communication products that offer reliable central station connectivity to most control panels. Our IP and GSM communicators can be used to meet the requirements of most installations while offering an immediate monthly cost savings and fast return on investment.
These particular power supplies are capable of connecting to almost all brands of UL listed fire alarm control panels, offering notification appliance circuit expansion.

Transformers are typically used stand-alone in video, access and security systems, as well as in combination with general purpose power supplies. Honeywell Power Products offers AC and DC versions of the plug-in units, in addition to AC open frame versions.

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