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Fire Alarm Power Supplies and Communicators


The HPF602ULADA Fire Alarm Power Supply from Honeywell Power Products offers the highest value among power supplies available today. It delivers 6.0 amps of notification appliance circuit power and built-in synchronization for appliances from System Sensor, Gentex, Wheelock, and Faraday. Our design represents the state of the art in fire alarm supplies. Yet for all its sophistication, it is an extremely cost-effective notification power supply. The HPF602ULADA is a 6.0 amp notification power expander that provides its own AC power connection, battery charging circuit, and backup battery space, for use with fire and security controls. It is ideal for powering notification appliances required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It contains a built-in ANSI cadence pattern, which can upgrade older control panels that lack cadence capability.

Data Sheet - (155 KB PDF)
Manual - (863 KB PDF)
Battery Calculation Spreadsheet - (105 KB ZIP)
SyncMultSupp Drawing (36KB)
HPF602ULDA Drawing (ZIP)
AC input: 120 VAC @ 2.0 A.
Output: 24 VDC @ 6.0 A (6.0 A total from all notification circuits and auxiliary circuit).
Amps per output circuit: 3.0 A.
Current draw of unit on battery: 75 mA standby, 175 mA in alarm.
Auxiliary power circuits: 4.
Output configuration options: 2 Class A (Style Z), 4 Class B (Style Y), or 1 Class A and 2 Class B.
Notification circuit output: 20.4 to 27.3 VDC @ 3.0 A each.
Inputs: 2, with configuration 2 Class B or 2 Class A.
Input voltage range: 9 - 32 VDC.
Battery charging capacity: 33.0 AH.
Ambient temperature rating: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).
Relative humidity: 85% non-condensing maximum.
Dimensions: 16.0" H x 12.25" W x 3.0" D (cm: 40.64 H x 30.88 W x 7.62 D).
Indicator lights: AC Power On (green), Battery Trouble (yellow), Ground Fault (yellow), Auxiliary Trouble (yellow), Output Troubles (1-4 yellow).
UL Listed: file S6677
ULC Listed: file S8648
CSFM: 7300-1637:103





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