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HPF24S6E - Export Version

The HPF24S6E is a compact, cost-effective, 6-amp remote power supply with a battery charger built in. It may be connected to any 12- or 24-volt Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) or may stand alone. Primary applications include Notification Appliance (bell) Circuit (NAC) expansion (to support ADA requirements and NAC synchronization) or auxiliary power to support 24-volt system accessories. It operates using 220/240 VAC input.

The supply provides regulated and filtered 24 VDC power to four Notification Appliance Circuits configured as either four Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style A, with ZNAC-4 option module). Alternately, the four outputs may be configured as all non-resettable or all resettable or two non-resettable and two resettable. They also contain a battery charger capable of charging up to 18 Amp Hour batteries.

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Primary (AC) Power
-220/240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1.6 A maximum
-Wire size: minimum 14 AWG (2.0 mm²) with 600V insulation.
Control Input Circuit
- Trigger Input Voltage: 9.0 to 32 VDC.
- Trigger Current: 2.0 mA (16 - 32 V).(per input) 1.0 mA (9 - 16 V).
Trouble Contact Rating
– 5.0 A at 24 VDC.
Auxiliary Power Output
– Specific Application Power - 500 mA maximum.
Output Circuits
- +24 VDC filtered, regulated. - 3.0 A maximum for any one circuit.
- 4.0 A maximum total continuous current for all outputs (Stand-alone mode)
6A maximum total short-term current for all outputs (NAC Expander mode).
Secondary Power ( Battery ) Charging Circuit
- Supports lead-acid batteries only.
- Float Charge Voltage: 27.6VDC.
- Maximum Charge Current: 1.5 A.
- Maximum Battery Capacity: 18 AH.
UL Listed NAC Synchronization using System Sensor, Wheelock or Gentex (Commander Series) appliances.


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