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The MIP-2/UD is a simple communications device that allows
the transmission of alarms generated by a conventional control panel through any kind of IP network (ADSL, cable, Internet…),at the same time that it keeps the standard telephone line as a back-up mechanism. Designed to work with most of the already installed control panels, the MIP-2/UD allows for a faster and more economic alarm transmission, improving response times, decreasing costs and offering value added features such as the supervised line functionality that allows the central station to detect if any of the alarm panels go off-line. At the central station side,Teldat has designed an IP receiver, the Visor ALARM PLUS, which will integrate seamlessly into conventional central station architectures

To all central station owners, we invite you to join the growing list of central stations that offer the most advanced fire alarm monitoring in the industry!

MIP-2/UD Data Sheet
Configurator Quick Guide Software Manual
MIP-2/UD Installation Manual
Configuration Manual
Sell Sheet
Firmware upgrade via clone cable
Firmware upgrade via PC Field Utility
Visor Alarm Manager Gui Quick Guide
Product Announcement

Nominal voltage: 10 VDC to 24 VDC

Max current:    12VDC: 400mA max
                         24VDC 200mA Max

Connector:        RJ45 female.
Speed:              10 Mbps.
Protocols:          UDP, IP, SRP, DHCP, AES.

Dimensions and Weight
5.5L x 3.62W x 1.42H inches
Weight: 150 gr / 3 ounces



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