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Fire Alarm Power Supplies and Communicators


The IPGSM-4GC commercial fire alarm communicator is used to upgrade a commercial fire system that had previously reported to the central station by phone lines (POTS), to a system that can report via the Internet or a 4G cellular network. It connects directly to the Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT) of a Fire panel with minimal setup required. For maximum flexibility, the IPGSM-4GC’s dual path technology can be easily configured for three primary methods of communication. This includes (Cellular as primary only), (IP as primary only) or (IP as primary and Cellular as a backup). When the IPGSM-4GC is configured for cellular communications, its multi-platform technology locates and chooses the best available signal in the area (4G, 3G or 2G) and seamlessly self-adjusts to maintain critical life safety communication.

Honeywell 4G Communicator Upgrade/Trade-in Program
iPGSM-4GC Data Sheet
IPGSM-4GC Installation Guide
iPGSM-4CG UL Listing
iPGSM-4GC UL Certificate of Compliance
Central Stations using AlarmNet
IPGSM-4GC Product Announcement
7720P User Guide
Transformer: 1451-UL9
Primary – 120VAC, 60Hz
Secondary – 18VAC, 72VA
Battery back-up: 12V, 7Ah sealed lead acid type (not supplied)
Use a Honeywell 712BNP, Yuasa NP7-12 or equivalent
Battery Charging Current: maximum 1A
Dimensions: Width = 12 3/4 inches, Height = 14 7/8 inches, Depth = 3 inches
Supervision: The AC power, backup battery, IP communications, and GSM
communications are monitored.



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