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New DC Video Supplies Offer Increased Reliability and Unique, Labor-Saving Features


NORTHFORD, Conn., Mar. 13, 2014 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Power today announced a new series of power supplies that deliver more DC power to CCTV cameras and other peripheral devices. The new line includes unique features to speed installation and service calls, as well as increase survivability of system operations when a facility’s AC power is lost.

The HP1205UL and HP1210UL power supplies deliver 12VDC at 5.5amps or 12VDC at 11amps through 4, 8 or 16 outputs (depending on model), making them the most powerful of Honeywell Power’s DC Video supplies. The new line’s exclusive electronic circuit protection detects short conditions and immediately removes power from the affected circuit to safeguard remaining outputs and ensure that there are no interruptions to the other cameras on the system. These power supplies can be manually adjusted to provide up to 14V of DC output power to help overcome voltage drops as a
result of longer wire runs. For added survivability, the supplies contain battery back-up and charging (on select models) to ensure the video system (or other accessories) continue to operate in the event of an AC power outage.


Considering that video systems are trending larger in size with more cameras per system, Honeywell Power added unique features to its supplies to minimize installation and service time. To replace the common scenario of troubleshooting circuits and wiring, the new DC Video supplies’ individual outputs include LEDs that illuminate when power is present and extinguish when a short condition is detected. Removable terminal blocks, convenient knockouts and a three-conductor power cord also allow the supplies to be wired faster.


More details on the Honeywell Power HP1205UL and HP1210UL series are available online at www.honeywellpower.com. Check out Honeywell Power’s Web App for a comprehensive library of information on power supplies for Video, Intrusion, Access Control and Fire Alarm systems. The Web app also offers a quick means for
choosing the right supply for each, specific application.


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