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New Surge Protected Power Supplies Now Available. Honeywell Power Product's Video Line is Now Comprehensive


NORTHFORD, CT - Honeywell Power Products (HPP), a Honeywell (NYSE:HON) company, announces the release of a new line of surge protected power supplies. Available in both outdoor weatherproof and indoor varieties, these products supply power while protecting adjoining equipment from voltage surges and spikes.

As a leading provider of power supplies for the fire, video, access control and intrusion segments, HPP relies on the latest technology in designing surge protected products that provide 24VAC at 200VA to power cameras, heaters and blowers, in addition to outdoor camera assemblies including pan, tilt and zoom functions. Each unit provides three stages of protection to redirect potentially damaging voltages such as those caused by lightening strikes to earth ground. Aside from shielding the power supply from harm, these units also protect connected video and data equipment.


The introduction of surge protected products makes the HPP video power supplies a comprehensive offering that can meet the needs of installers. Since commencing operations three years ago, HPP has developed a broad range of power products to drive video systems installed throughout the world. This robust grouping delivers the features demanding installers have requested - bigger enclosures for more wiring room, better more-logical layout to speed through jobs, and on-board diagnostics to quickly troubleshoot during service calls.


HPP's portfolio of video supplies include both AC and DC power, outdoor weatherproof units, rack mounted products and surge-protected offerings. Designed for a broad variety of video applications, HPP's supplies operate from 115VAC or 230VAC to provide a constant source of power through individually-fused outputs that operate cameras and other video accessories. Providing 12VDC, 24VAC or 28VAC from 300ma to 8 amps of fully regulated supply current, HPP video supplies have the power to run the majority of video applications within the security industry.


HPP's video products feature incoming power fused on both the primary and secondary side, hinged and vented enclosures with multiple convenient knockouts, a power disconnect switch, input and output transient protection, and individually fused 4, 8, or 16 outputs with LED status indicators for each output. All transformers have built-in thermal overload protection and units contain field-replaceable automotive style fuses (widely available), or auto-reset PTC's that do not require replacement.


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