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New Size & Time-Saving Features Speed Installation, Renovation

NORTHFORD, Conn., March 19, 2010 — Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Power Products announces a new 12-Amp fire alarm power supply, designed for large-system installers.  The HPFF12 is Honeywell’s largest fire power supply, capable of powering a fire alarm’s four NACs (notification appliance circuits) to full capacity. This powerful yet compact unit is ideal for installations utilizing higher-power strobes or facing limited wall space for multiple supplies. For even larger installations, the HPFF12CM (chassis mount) version holds up to three HPFF12 supplies with two 12AH batteries per supply in one compact, lockable enclosure.

According to Honeywell Power Products’ General Manager, Gene Pecora, a fire alarm power supply of this size is a rarity. “Fire systems are growing, becoming more sophisticated and as result, are mandating more power. The HPFF12 was created primarily to help dealers overcome power constraints and space limitation issues. As far as we know, it’s the biggest NAC power supply currently on the market.”

The HPFF12 shares the same fast installation and maintenance features as Honeywell’s HPFF8 eight-amp fire alarm power supply. Independent output circuit supervision enables both to notify an attached control panel of a NAC fault in addition to displaying past NAC troubles stored by its convenient trouble memory feature. These diagnostics help technicians save time in the investigation of recurring troubles and prevent future false alarms.

One of the most challenging aspects of a fire alarm retrofit is locating the existing EOL resistor. The HPFF8 and HPFF12 allow a single resistor matching the existing EOL value to be used as a reference for all outputs. This feature saves dealers countless hours of searching behind NAC devices, speeding a retrofit’s installation and system checkout.
Whether activated by a fire alarm control panel or operating standalone, the HPFF12 provides 24VDC power to four NACs rated at 3.0 Amps each and an auxiliary output rated at 2.0 Amps. Synchronization protocols for five brands of NAC A/V devices are built-in. The HPFF12 is mounted in a lockable wall cabinet that can accommodate two 18AH batteries.

Honeywell Power Products supplies are available nationwide through leading security equipment distributors. For more detailed information on the new HPFF12 and HPFF12CM power supplies from Honeywell Power Products, visit www.honeywellpower.com or call 877-HPP-POWR (877-477-7697) toll-free.


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