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New Power Supply's Time-Saving Features Speed Renovation, Maintenance

NORTHFORD, Conn., June 30, 2009 - Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Power Products has released a new HP FF8 (FireForce 8) power supply providing dealers substantial time-saving benefits. Utilized to expand fire alarm NACs (notification appliance circuit) and provide auxiliary power to 24-Volt system accessories, HPFF8 supplies can be activated by any 12- or 24-Volt fire alarm control panel or operate alone. This UL/ANSI 864 9 th Edition power supply's exclusive EOL (end-of-line) resistor replacement feature and NAC trouble memory are unique technologies new to the marketplace.


One of the most challenging aspects of a retrofit application is locating the existing EOL resistor. The HPFF8's EOL resistor replacement feature stands to save dealers countless hours of searching behind numerous notification devices for the pre-existing EOL resistor. In retrofit applications, a single resistor matching the existing EOL can be used as a reference EOL for all outputs. This feature speeds installation and system checkout.


Frequently, NAC trouble alarms clear themselves prior to a maintenance call. Feedback collected through Honeywell Power Products' Voice of the Customer process indicated a need for fire alarm technicians to identify the source of NAC troubles on-site.  The HPFF8 includes a trouble memory feature that displays past troubles (by NAC) for rapid installer diagnostics. This feature allows technicians to investigate the source of recurring troubles and prevent future false alarms.


Available in 8-amp, it provides regulated and filtered 24 VDC power, each of 4 NAC's are rated at 3.0 Amp with aux power rated 1.5 Amp. The outputs may be configured as: four Class B (Style W, X, Y); or two Class A (Style Z); or two Class B and one Class A; or four Class A (Style Z) with the optional Class A adaptor installed. They also contain a battery charger capable of charging up to 26 Amp Hour batteries.


The HPFF8 provides independent output circuit supervision. Therefore, in the event of a NAC fault, the power supply can notify the attached fire alarm control panel.


These supplies are commonly used for NAC device synchronization to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. The HPFF8 features field-selectable, built-in strobe and horn synchronization protocols, and a pass-through feature that allows a pre-generated sync protocol to pass from another synchronization source. The independent horn silencing feature allows synchronized horns and strobes that operate on a single circuit to have the horns silenced via sync protocol. For enhanced notification appliance circuit survivability, dual-activation inputs can be utilized for redundant trip operation.


For more comprehensive information on the nearly 200 supplies produced by Honeywell Power Products, visit www.honeywellpower.com or call 877-HPP-POWR (877-477-7697) toll-free.



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