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New Rack Mount Power Supplies Feature Innovations in Ease of Installation and Setup


NORTHFORD, CT - Honeywell Power Products (HPP), a leading provider of power supplies for the fire, video, access control, and intrusion market segments, has just released a new line of rack mounted power supplies specifically designed for use with video cameras, heaters, blowers and other video accessories.


Fitting in a standard 19 inch EIA rack, HPP's line of rack-mounted power supplies require only 2 units of rack space while providing a wide range of power options including dual output 24VAC/28VAC or single output 24VAC and 12VDC. All models have output distributed via 16 or 32 individually protected circuits.


Designed for easy installation, dual output AC output circuits are configurable from the front panel for 24VAC or 28VAC operation - with just the flip of a switch, voltage is converted in banks of 8 circuits. This allows the voltage drop encountered by long wire runs to be accommodated for the cameras that require it, without possibly impacting the closer cameras with excessive voltage. Likewise, individual circuit LED indicators provide installers a quick status of all circuits; plus all fuses and voltage configuration switches are accessible right through the front panel.


Each circuit is fuse protected at 3A, or PTC protected at 2.5A with a total capacity of 8A, 12.5A or 25A of AC or 8A of DC. Furthermore, all higher current AC versions of HPP's rack mount supplies feature Torroidal transformers with built in thermal overload protection.


Data sheets, installation manuals, voltage drop calculators and a wide range of other information on the more than 120 products in the HPP portfolio can be accessed via this web site.

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