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Specifications on Power Products Portfolio Now Available, Binder or CD-ROM

NORTHFORD , CT - Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Power Products has added a new line of video power supplies, offering installation professionals several areas of enhanced efficiency while retaining key product benefits. Created in response to voice-of-the-customer feedback, Honeywell's HPTV24-E Series products power CCTV cameras and other video accessories.

Efficiency is the goal of this new product line, designed to save valuable installer resources, including wall space, installation time and cost. With security installers seeking ways to contain rising labor and material expenses, and the scarcity of wall space required by today's sprawling systems, more efficient units such as Honeywell's HPTV24-E Series, are in high demand. As additions to a large, established video power supply line, this growing series of seven high-efficiency models continue to offer Honeywell's traditional power product benefits, such as:

•  Two circuit protection choices of automotive fuses or circuit breaker type PTC's

•  Transformers with built-in thermal protection for enhanced safety

•  LED diagnostic indicators for quick troubleshooting

•  Full factory assembly with all accessories for fast installation

The HPTV24-E Series' units deliver a constant source of 24VAC power with either 4 or 8 amps of supply current. All models offer a choice of output distribution via 4, 8 or 16 individually protected circuits with one model in particular (HPTV2401-E) being a simple single output power supply.

For more comprehensive information on Honeywell Power Products' complete portfolio of power solutions for video, fire, intrusion and access control, visit www.honeywellpower.com. To reach Honeywell Power Products by phone, call toll-free 877-HPP-POWR (877-477-7697).




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